My brushes are the bridge between my soul and the canvas, and every color, every movement is the story I paint. I try to ensure that my art discovers beauty that is a reflection of my inner experiences in the world around me and is transformed on the canvas, leaving a mark on the hearts of those who look.
About me
My name is Izabela Kendakji and I’m creating unimitable abstract paintings and geometric mandalas for the people like you, who are looking for an inspiration, energetic reinforcement or simply looking for a change of the interior’s character and the energy circulating inside.
The offer
The offer
Artistic prints
Inspirations for me, in the process of creating my art, are colourful and unique cultural motives from the different parts of the world. My passions and feelings have been perpetuated in a wide range of neatly prepared and ready-for-sale paintings, which you can look at and choose from our online shop. Individual and personalized orders are also available. 

In case of any questions or cooperation willingness, contact me at:
Paintings on canvas
For your special request, I prepare personalized artistic order, thus from the heart,  I am inviting you to check out my offer. My art is always unique and I put a lot of heart, time, and commitment to it. Thoroughly chosen shapes, colours, their shades, theme and the motives of the painting, are precisely consulted with the client.
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